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Why Follow Ladybug?

Through my passion of blending learning, play, and wonder of our natural world, I’ve grown a business and a brand that is evolving with the times. I started out primarily focused on working with families creating experiences and events around whimsical and earth minded themes. This grew and I brought on people to help. Our events promoted low carbon footprints, stewardship, and celebrating the seasons in magical fun ways through storytelling, costuming, puppetry, clowning, and nature crafts. Along with my background as an artist and teacher, the events and experiences grew and so did my skills as a facilitator, planner, and educator. I found that what I love most is bringing the magic and wonder of nature to children, teachers, and schools. My work with families and events led me to working directly with schools around metro ATL. I was able to team up with more educators and provide programs around food, wellness, yoga, art, and nature. In 2018 I was awarded the PBS Early Learning Champion Award with a focus on Innovative Play. Now I am most passionate about working with schools, educators, artists, organizations, and communities to create a culture of health, wellness, joy, and empowerment through our connection to our planet. From outdoor classrooms, to gardens, to the traditional classroom, I’m here to help educators, students, organizations, wherever they are at, feel supported and excited about using our natural world as a key context for teaching.


Carving your own path is never easy. I did not follow any model and did not see many people doing what I was and am doing. I did see there was a need for what I do. Seeing the need is the access point! Before starting as an entrepreneur, I did work in the field of environmental ed, programs, and teaching so I was able to see the need and try things out. Also, my mother ran a party and event service as a professional clown when I was growing up. It was a family affair and we all participated. So naturally I blended what I knew from the family fun business I grew up in and the education and skills learned working in the field. Building on what I knew, what I love, and what I want to learn, is how I shape what I do. The leap of faith or the leap of the fool, paired with dedication, discipline, imagination, and practicality is my recipe for making it happen.

As an educator who gets silly excited, and it shows, I became a character fondly called Ms. Ladybug by clients, friends, and family. Embracing this identity, Ms. Ladybug,  my story and life grew into the magical fairy tale that my grandma said was more than possible.

Through authenticity, passion to share and learn with children and adults, and wonder of our beautiful planet, my brand and company is trusted and valued. I’m so grateful for my community and clients who support me all along this ever-changing journey.

I want people to know that I’m here to help. I want to work with people to grow a greener and more joyful existence where ALL are welcome and celebrated.


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Image by Salah Ait Mokhtar

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